Which way is the wind blowing?

When the wind turns, it is a clear sign of change. When it turns in the financial markets, however, it often proves to be too late to escape without suffering harm. In moments such as these, emotionally geared processes dominate the markets – and often have a negative impact on portfolio performance. 
The extent to which we adapt your portfolio according to our “weather forecasts” depends on your pre-defined risk tolerance.

Dynamic asset management

Lakefield Partners ensures the dynamic alignment of your portfolio with the prevailing financial market environment. Tactical portfolio decisions are geared towards maintaining steady performance. The consistent approach in our investment decision making ensures comprehensibility and prevents erratic responses to the various market scenarios, thus increasing the probability of sustainable and satisfactory returns. Amongst others, such decisions are made for

  • the equity allocation of mixed portfolios,
  • the risk profile of bond portfolios, and
  • the choice of individual equity positions.

Based on the evaluation of the investment environment

Our dynamic asset management is based on a proprietary quantitative investment model. Since 2002, this tool has delivered a structured investment process. Our model assesses economic development and investment risks and delivers a detailed portfolio allocation. The model has been designed to capture and effectively “learn” from past market and economic data, such that over time it draws upon a wealth of data and experience to improve future decisions. Since 2002 our investors have benefited from a structured, dynamic investment strategy. 

A long-standing track record of success

The continued success of our tried and tested flagship strategy demonstrates that we have consistently met our requirements and ensured sound performance and profits for our clients.

Honoured with awards

 Our investments have won a number of awards:

  • Bilanz 2019. Best portfolio in the category «moderat dynamisch» (“dynamic”) and third best Portfolio in the category «Ausgewogen» (“Balanced”).
    Download «The winners and their best investments», Bilanz 03/2019
  • Bilanz 2018. Best portfolio in the category «moderat dynamisch» (“moderate dynamic”)
    Download «The best money managers of Switzerlandn», Bilanz 03/2018
  • Bilanz 2017. Best portfolio in the category «moderat dynamisch» (“moderate dynamic”) and second best Portfolio in the category «Konservativ» (“Conservative”).
    Download «Die Sieger und ihre besten Geldanlagen» (“The winners and their best investments”), Bilanz 05/2017
  • Bilanz 2016. Best portfolio in the category «Konservativ» (“Conservative”). 
    Download «Strategen mit Gespür» (“Strategists with flair”), Bilanz 05/2016
  • Bilanz 2013. Best portfolio in the category «Ausgewogen» (“Balanced”).
    Download «Geldkönige» (“Money Kings”), Bilanz 06/2013
  • Bilanz 2010. Führender unabhängiger Vermögensverwalter (“Leading independent asset manager”). 
    Download «Die Besten Unabhängigen» (“The best of the independents”), Bilanz 18/2010

References from all client segments are available upon request.