What do we bring along?

Your choice of gear when you leave your home in the morning not only depends on the possibility of rainfall but also on your disposition to be surprised by a shower. Not everyone feels comfortable in simply trusting the sun to shine again soon. Lakefield Partners can offer you the right approach for every investment goal and every risk preference.

For our clients.

We manage the assets of entrepreneurs, high-net-worth families and individuals and count pension funds, foundations, family offices, companies, other asset managers and private banks among our institutional investors. Our clients’ investment goals range from wealth preservation and income generation to capital gains, and are pursued in the context of relative as well as absolute returns.

Investment goals are reflected correspondingly in our clients’ portfolios. We deliver customized investment objectives by means of personalized portfolios.

Our value added.

We focus on the two most critical aspects of the investment decision process: The asset allocation and the stock selection. For most investors these two investment decisions determine the overall portfolio performance to a large extend. The asset allocation decision entails not only the top-level division of the portfolio capital across asset classes, but also the selection of bond segments and of equity regions and sectors.

Asset allocation and stock selection are our main fields of expertise: In these areas we want to be among the very best in the market.

For all our strategies, we apply a structured and highly disciplined investment process. Successful investment decisions require the consideration of a large number of relevant data items. In order to process this information in an efficient and effective way, we employ cutting-edge financial models which have been developed in-house over a period of two decades.

Our offering.

Multi-asset Strategies

Dynamic Core Strategies («Dynamic Swiss Core» and «Dynamic Global Core»). Dynamic Core strategies strive to deliver equity-like returns in “good weather” conditions and bond-like returns in “stormy” phases. These are the investment strategies to choose if your goal is asset preservation and capital gains.
For the awards of these strategies, see Lakefield Partners in Bilanz 2016 and Lakefield Partners in Bilanz 2017.

Balanced Plus Strategy. Balanced Plus is a mixed portfolio of Swiss securities offering high dividends and a global bond investment. This is the right investment strategy to choose if you wish to generate income and capital gains on a regular basis.

Pension Fund Strategies. To pension funds we offer both multi-asset and single-asset strategies in the form of managed accounts and funds. For private investors we manage pension assets of all types.

Equity Strategies

Swiss Mid & Small Cap Equity Strategy. This strategy invests in listed stocks of mid-size and small corporations («mid & small caps») that are profitable, have a solid balance sheet, good prospects and an adequate company valuation. This is the right investment strategy to choose if you wish to achieve substantial long-term capital gains by investing in smaller companies.
This strategy received the award for the best investment strategy for the period 2014 to 2016 from business magazine «BILANZ» (see also Lakefield Partners in Bilanz 2017 and Lakefield Partners in Bilanz 2018)

Dynamic Equity Strategies in Large Caps («Swiss Large Cap Equity» und «Dynamic World Equity»). Our Dynamic Equity Strategies invest in the stock of large corporations, so-called “large-caps”, and are designed to focus on cyclical industries in periods where the “weather forecast” is good, and in defensive industries, when the “weather forecast” looks less favorable. This is the investment strategy to choose if your goal is to achieve capital gains by investing in sustainable “blue chips”.

Equity Strategy with partial hedging («Swiss Equity Risk Controlled»). This strategy invests in Swiss Large Caps and is partially or fully hedged when the investment outlook is strongly clouded. This should help to reduce large draw-downs in equity market performance. This is the right investment strategy if you wish to achieve equity returns with reduced volatility.

Fixed Income Strategies

Dynamic Global Bond Strategy. The Dynamic Global Bond Strategy is also actively managed to reflect current market conditions. This is the right investment, if you are looking for wealth preservation and income through an active strategy.

Global Bond Strategy. This is a global bond investment strategy that strives to achieve average returns that are noticeably above the inflation rate. This is the right investment strategy to choose if you wish to ensure asset preservation and generate income.
For the award of this strategy, see Lakefield Partners in Bilanz 2013.

Alternative Investment Strategies

Swiss Equity Long/Short. This strategy is a typically quite stable as it does not necessarily depend on the general direction of the equity market. It is well suited for conservative investors and investors that are looking for an effective diversifier for their portfolio. This is the right investment, if you are looking for wealth preservation, portfolio diversification and capital gains in all market phases.
Tactical Asset Allocation Services

Our tactical asset allocation services strive to optimize risk-adjusted returns through effective tactical investment decisions. These investment decisions are made systematically, according to the state of the economic activity and in line with general market conditions.
Asset allocation services are a good choice for investors with a strategic asset allocation who wish to benefit from short-term opportunities, or to protect their assets from losses during rough weather periods.

Factsheets of our investment strategies.

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